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Our Favorite Bundle Box! 

WhatTheBox allows our customers to Select the 4 Items in their Subscription Bundle! Our bundles make Buying Tech Super Fun and Easy! 
Our Value Bundle comes with 4 items! 
What You Get:
  • Item 1: iPad®
  • Item 2: Fitness Tracker or Bluetooth Speaker
  • Item 3: Headphones or Headset
  • Item 4: Portable Charger or Cellphone Accessory

You pick the items you want. We curate it! If something is out of stock, we let you know!

Once you are a member, we get your first box ready for you! Every week we get new product, so when it is time to select new items, you will be able to do so within your account! 

Once you select items for your bundle, we beging processing! If we are out of stock on any items, we email you and get you a replacement!

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Select Your Box. Select Your Items For Your Bundle. Love it. Share. Subscribe. 


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We are a small family owned business. So your support means the world to us!


All products are sanitized! With this pandemic going on we Sanitize and Seal All Product to make sure we don't spread no Germs


All product is tested prior to it being sealed. We don't want you to get something you can't turn on!

Family Owned

We are a small family owned business. So we take pride in our product and our work! We might take some time to get things done, but we make sure it is done the right way!

We care about a Quality

Tested and Sanitized

Sealed With a WTB Sticker and Shrink Wrap

Extends the Product Life Cycle and Eliminates Waste

Each WhatTheBox bundle is curated based on your selections as well as your product match quiz! We know that not everyone has the same interests and different types of people like different electronics! So we take time to curate our boxes to ensure that you get exactly what fits your technology preferences. 

We Are The Affordable Place for Awesome Deals on Tech!

BackToTheBox Electronics Value Bundle $95 [Small] - backtothebox
Value Bundle GIF
Value Bundle Bluetooth and Headphones
BackToTheBox Electronics Value Bundle $95 [Small] - backtothebox
Value Bundle GIF
Value Bundle Bluetooth and Headphones

BackToTheBox Electronics Value Bundle $95 [Small]

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Frequently asked question

How Long Does Shipping Take

We are experiencing a 10-15 business day delay in processing orders. This is due to Covid and a lack of staff

Do I Really Get An iPad?

Yes! We source the iPads from school districts. So instead of them being disposed of. We buy them back! So we help school districts purchase new product and we help extend the life cycle of the iPad and it saves the earth!

But What If I Don't Like It?

Simple. DO NOT BREAK OUR SEAL. Send it back and we can get you a credit!