Starting at Only $75 you get a BUNDLE of Awesome Technology!


Our Bundles Are Made To Pass Savings ON to you!

Every one of our Bundles always includes a Tablet Or MP3 Player in them!

Other items will change week by week as we get new loads in!


WhatTheBox makes purchasing technology easier and fun! Every week we get new loads of consumer returns in! WE test them and make awesome tech bundles.

You can expect your favorite brands of technology in each bundle!


But What's IN The Box?


Each WhatTheBox Bundle is Curated with Awesome Technology!

We carry all of your FAVORITE BRANDS!

(mainly consumer electronics that you find at Big Box Stores)


Each WhatTheBox Bundle Has A Tablet or An MP3 Player in it PLUS OTHER GOODIES!


Gift Yourself. Your Lover, or Your Kid!

It is like Christmas In The Summer!


P.S. We are a small family owned and operate business! So your support means a lot! If there is anything we can do to improve, let us know!


We estimate pricing of each item based on different marketplaces. We would normally sell each individual item, but we figured we would pay it forward!


You only sign up for the subscription after you love the box!




Starting at ONLY $75


We know it isn't Christmas yet for another:


Select a BUNDLE Size.

We offer three sizes. Value, Medium, and Extreme!

Subscribe, starting at $75/box

Christmas is just a click away! Valued at over $125+

Share Your Unboxing!

You'll never look at a cardboard box the same.

I Have Questions...

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Normally shipping takes 1-2 Days to Process and 1-7 days to be delivered!

What If I Don't Like It?

Well simple. If you open the box and find that you are not happy. DO NOT OPEN THE SHRINK WRAP and send the box back! We get it, make sure it is what we sent you, and BOOM Store Credit or a Refund!

Okay, So I Wanna Subscribe. Now What?

Well, simply select the monthly subscription you would like and box size! We send a monthly invoice. Pay it. Love it! Keep Buying!

Who Is It For?

Anyone. We make it easy to use our LootBox as a Gift or if you are an entrepreneur, flip the box!

Okay. But Why Are You Doing This? Can't You Make More Selling It Online?

Well, yea. We can make more selling each item one by one! But this Pandemic Happened and we no longer have the staff to be able to process and sell one by one. So we decided to group it all up! Sell it in bundles. Take a hit on some short term profit. But give people the opportunity to make some money and get awesome deals!


We have been selling online for over 15 years and I (owner) am at the point where I want to just kick it with the kids and I love seeing the excitement and joy people get when they open our boxes. This company was started 4 days after the birth of my second daughter. I made the choice to spend more time with the kids. So because of her, this company was born to pass on LootBoxes to the masses!