It isn't Christmas yet for another:


So, Treat Yo' Self!

Electronics Value Bundle ONLY $95

  • Makes the Perfect Gift for Yourself or all the amazing people in your life!
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Makes Buying Tech Much More Affordable!


All of our Bundles come with a Tablet, Fitness Tracker, A Set of Gaming/PC/Wirelesses Headphones, and an awesome gadget or Accessory as the 4th and final item! Every month the type of headphones and gadgets change! But we always guarantee a Tablet, Fitness Tracker and a Set of Headphones. The last item changes box per box and depends on what is available to us at the time!


So for your $95 you are getting items at our wholesale and discount rates. But is the value not a lot more? Yes and no! We source everything from our trade in programs so we are able to pass savings on to you!


Every week we get Electronics from our trade-in programs and our own internal refurbishing team. We test each item, make our bundles, and pass the savings on to you! Normally we would sell this stuff on different

e-commerce websites, but it's more fun making bundles and passing savings on!


Did we mention that we sanitize and clean everything? We don't want to spread no germs!


If you don't like it or something does not work, simply shoot as an email! We Make Sure You Love It!




Free US Shipping

Easy Returns

Love Or Exchange-No Seriously We Take Pride In Our Product!


We work with some of the largest Trade In Programs Online and we bring in truck loads of Tablets, Headphones, and Other Awesome Tech Items! Everything we get is tested and sorted into our value bundle!


But what comes in the Value Bundle?

Each Value Bundle Comes with a Tablet, Fitness Tracker a Pair of Gaming/PC/Wireless Headphones and a final item that is either an accessory or a really cool piece of tech! Each month, this last item changes and the types of headsets change! But We know you will love our bundles!


If you don't like or can't use something in your box, it's always easy to flip your items by listing them on any marketplace or social platform.


If you HATE the whole box - it's all good. Just contact us for an RMA and we'll either refund or replace the box.

Please note - all shrink wrap must be intact for a full refund.


We're so convinced you're gonna LOVE your box, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I Have Questions...

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Normally shipping takes 1-2 Days to Process and 1-7 days to be delivered!

What If I Don't Like It?

If you open the box and find that you are not happy. DO NOT OPEN THE SHRINK WRAP and send the box back! We get it, make sure it is what we sent you, and BOOM store credit or a refund!

Okay, So I Wanna Subscribe. Now What?

Simply select the monthly subscription you would like and box size! We send a monthly invoice. Pay it. Love it! Keep Buying!

Who Is It For?

Anyone. We make it easy to use our Electronics Bundle as a gift or if you are an entrepreneur, flip the box!

Okay. But Why Are You Doing This? Can't You Make More Selling It Online?

Well, yea. We can make more selling each item one by one! But this Pandemic happened and we no longer have the staff to be able to process and sell one by one. So we decided to group it all up, sell it in bundles, and pass the savings on to you.

We have been selling online for over 15 years and I (owner) am at the point where I want to just kick it with the kids and I love seeing the excitement and joy people get when they open our boxes. This company was started 4 days after the birth of my second daughter. I made the choice to spend more time with the kids. So because of her, this company was born!

So i got my box, opened it just because i was excited to see what was in it and i got some awesome stuff in it! Highly recommended for a starter. Has great gifts in it too for Bundle. I decided to get another one :) thanks WHAT THE BOX.


-Mark P.

Got a lot of great stuff, including a VR. Also had a fitness watch in there. Ordered again. Fingers crossed for an mp3 player. Definitely worth it!
-Brittany W.

Honestly I thought this was going to be one of those scam things from Social Media. But no, this is real. I can sell most of this and still keep stuff


-Alfredia R.

I was surprised at the content of the box. tablet mini, a fitness tracker, a fitness tracker band, a couple chargers, mp3 player case and a random case for something. I think it was worth it even if the tablet mini is old and refurbished. It will be a good gift for a younger nephew or niece.
-Wayne G.
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