BackToTheBox Electronics Medium Bundle $350 [Medium]


BackToTheBox Electronics Medium Bundle $350 [Medium]

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BackToTheBox Presents our Electronics Bundle! 

This is a Hand Curated Box of Awesome tech! 

Makes the Perfect Gift for Yourself or all the amazing people in your life! 

    • Birthdays
    • Holidays

What You Get:

Box Size:



What To Expect

Once you take our Tech Quiz, we will curate your box based on your selected answers. If you decide to do our subscription, you will receive an email a week prior to your box shipping with a list of items that you can choose from, you then log into your account and select the items for your box! If you do not select any items, we will pack it based on your quiz results!

    It's basically Christmas every time! 

    CHECK OUT THE REVIEWS TO SEE WHAT OUR OTHER BOXES HAVE LOOKED LIKE! *** Pictures are examples of what you could get in a box ***

    How Long Does Shipping Take

    Normally shipping takes 1-2 days to process and 1-7 days to be delivered! 

    What If I Don't Like It?

    If you open the box and find that you are not happy, DO NOT OPEN THE SHRINK WRAP and send the box back! We'll make sure it is what we sent you, and BOOM store credit or a refund! 

    Okay. So I Want To Subscribe.. Now What?

    Simply select the monthly subscription you would like and box size! We send a monthly invoice. Pay it. Love it! Keep Buying! 

    Who Is It For?

    Anyone. We make it easy to use our Electronics Bundle as a gift or if you are an entrepreneur, flip the box! 

    Okay. But Why Are You Doing This? Can't You Make More Selling It Online?

    Well, yea. We can make more selling each item one by one! But this Pandemic happened and we no longer have the staff to be able to process and sell one by one. So we decided to group it all up, sell it in bundles, and pass the savings on to you.

    We have been selling online for over 15 years and I (owner) am at the point where I want to just kick it with the kids and I love seeing the excitement and joy people get when they open our boxes. This company was started 4 days after the birth of my second daughter, so because of her, this company was born.

    Awesome Box!

    It was definitely worth the money! Got good value out of the box!

    Jacob R.